Can You Bring a Tent on a Plane? – Standby With Me

Outdoor activity is an important part of life, it is a great way to explore nature a relax your self after a long and hectic working season. If your plane is to go for an outdoor trip by airplane. In this situation a question arises in mind can you bring a tent on a plane?

One can bring a camping tent on a plane as it is allowed to travel along with a camping tent in the USA. My team frequently travels with a tent in a carry-on bag easily and on the other hand, you can bring the poles and tent stakes in a checked bag.

Can You Bring a Tent on a Plane 2022

Yes, we can bring a camping tent in on a plane by following the rules and guidelines set by TSA. It is mentioned clearly that you can bring the tent in a carry-on bag and the other equipment of an outdoor tent such as poles, spikes, etc can move in a checked bag.

Airline Guidelines for Flying with a Tent

Yes, you can bring a tent on a plane as there is no restriction imposed by any major airlines operating in the USA. You can safely take it as a carry-on or checked luggage. As per TSA, you can travel with your tent if it follows the guidelines.

You need to pack your tent in a small bag which is according to airline guidelines. You need to separate the tent poles, spike, and tent stakes as these are not allowed.

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Camping Gear You Need to Bring with You

There is much of gear you need on a camping trip along with a tent. You need all these gear during your stay outdoor because these are important. Following are some of the basic gears you need to take with you.

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is the second most important gear after the tent. You need a comfortable sleeping bag as per your desired size and requirement. One can easily bring it in a checked bag. You need to arrange and align your gears as per your priority requirement.

First Aid Kit

When you go for an outdoor trip that is away from the city that means you are away from the basic health facilities center in case of any emergency. So, it is important to bring a First Aid Kit while going on a camping trip.


You need a flashlight or lantern if you are planning to stay outdoor for a couple of days. As a regular camper, it is recommended to take a powerful rechargeable light with you when planning a trip outdoor.


You need to have ample water during your stay outdoor. It is recommended to select portable and reusable water bottles. So you can refill these bottles again with fresh water during your stay outdoor.

Rechargeable Backup System

You need a powerful battery backup and also a rechargeable system so you can charge your battery again. It is an important gear that campers need to charge their phones, laptop, and other gadgets. It is recommended to select a powerful power setup for your outdoor trip.

The Camping Gear You Can NOT Fly With

Some of the camping gear is not allowed to bring with you on a plane such as camp stove fuel. It is not allowed as per airline guidelines and regulations. The reason is simple to understand as it can catch fire and is dangerous. There is another gear also which falls in this category. All such types of gear all prohibited on planes.

Alternative Methods

You can easily bring the tent and gear along with you, but in case you face some kind of problem there are alternative options you can use to send your camping equipment to the destination. Following are a few known options


Sending your camping gear through the ship is an easy and cheap option. In case of any kind of difficulty, it is a perfect option to send your camping gear to the destination


The other option in case of any kind of ban on camping gear travel is renting outdoor camping gear option. You can rent any type of camping gear at a cheap rate near any camping location.


Q: Can You Bring a Tent On a Plane As Hand Luggage?

A: Yes, you can bring a camping tent in your hand luggage easily. You need to check carefully the tent in a small bag as per airline guidelines and regulations.

Q: Can You Bring a Tent On a Plane In Checked Luggage?

A: Yes, as per the TSA it is acceptable to bring it in checked luggage if it follows the rules. It must be packed in a small and recommended size bag.

Q: Can You Take a Pop-Up Tent On a Plane?

A: Yes, pop-up tents are lightweight and can easily pack in a small bag. As per the guidelines, there is no restriction to bring the tent along with you.

Q: Can I bring a camping backpack on a plane?

A: Yes, you can bring the camping backpack on a plane.

Q: Can a tent fit in a suitcase?

A: Yes, you can easily pack your tent in a small bag or suitcase.


It is understood that one can bring the tent on a plane as long as it follows the rules and regulations set by the airline companies. We try to explain each and every point about this topic and hope it provides you with the required information