Coleman 6 Person Dome Tent – Unique Style Tent

Coleman 6-Person Dome Tent is a dome-style camping tent. This is the most famous family tent in the market due to many reasons including reasonable price, high-quality material, more headspace, and ease of setup. Darkroom technology blocks the light from inside the tent.

In this article, we will discuss all the detail about the Coleman Dome tent for camping. After going through the article you will know all the features of this dome-style 6-person camping tent. This article will help you in your search for a perfect family tent of 6 people.

Following are the key features of Coleman Dome Tent for camping and price detail.

Coleman Dome Tent

Instant Setup: 15-minutes

Dark Room Technology

E-port Feature

1 Year Warranty

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Coleman 6 Person Dome Tent Review

Coleman 6 Person Dome Tent price

It is a Dome-style family camping tent for 6 people. The dimension is 10 x 9 ft. The inner space of the tent is enough for two queen-size air mattresses. The design of the tent is perfect for 6-person group camping. The height of the tent from the center is 5 ft and 8 inches, which makes the movement in the tent easy and comfortable. You can call it a tent tall enough to stand up in.

The total weight is 22 pounds which is a reasonable amount of weight for a 6-person tent. You can move the tent from one place to another with ease. Furthermore, the setup process of the tent only takes 15 minutes, You can call it to install a dome-style camping tent.

  • Screened Room Tent
  • Instant Setup
  • Dark Room Blackout Technology
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Water Resistant not Waterproof

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The tent also has a screen room of 10 x 5 ft. You can enjoy a beautiful outside view while sitting inside the screen room. The entrance point of the screen room is a zipper door from inside of the tent. You can also use the screen room area as another room in case you have space or privacy issues or have more luggage.

Coleman 6 person camping tent setup

Dark Rest Tent Feature

It has Dark Room Technology, which makes the tent a perfect dart rest blackout tent. This technology block 90% of sunlight from entering the tent. The darkroom technology also reduces the inner temperature of the tent. It is a perfect tent for comfortable sleeping in a blackout. It provides you the freedom to sleep during the blackout in day time also.

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The tent is manufactured with top-quality polyester material, that provides durability to the tent. It has many windows in the different parts of the tent for ventilation purposes. Furthermore, it has a hinged door for entering and exiting from the tent. This hinged door tent feature makes the entry and exit from the text very easy like you are at home.


Q: What is the height of the Coleman Dome tent for Camping?

A: The height is almost 6 ft center height. It is a dome-style tall camping tent. You can move in the tent with ease if your height is up to 6 feet.

Q: Does Coleman’s 6-person tent screen portion have the zip-up flaps?

A: No, it does not have a flap on-screen room portion.

Q: Does the Coleman dome tent for 6-person windows have flaps?

A: Yes, both windows have a flap on them.

Q: How much time is required in the Coleman dome tent 6-person setup?

A: It only requires 15 minutes to set up the tent completely. The process of installation is simple and quick.

Q: Is a tent for 6 persons a dark rest camping tent?

A: Yes, this is a blackout camping tent. It uses Dark Room Technology that blocks 90% of the sunlight from entering the tent.

Q: Is the dome tent for 6-person have a hinged door type?

A: Yes, for entering and exiting from the tent a hinged door is installed. Which makes the movement easier and more comfortable.

Q: How much air mattress space is in this camping tent?

A: You can place air queen-sized air mattresses in this tent, that provide you with 6 personal sleeping areas.


In this review article about the Coleman dome tent for camping, we cover all the detail and features of this dome-style camping tent. If you are in search of a group tent for 6 people and also want the price on the lower side then this dome-style tent from Coleman will be perfect for you. It has all the features you need in a family tent plus also have screened room.

You can compare the features of this Coleman tent with other options in the market. It is the most economical and high-quality camping tent for 6-person.