Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent – A Winner If You Compare

Coleman Elite Sundome 6-person tent is one of the best demanded hinged door tents. The quality of the tent is the main reason behind the popularity of this 3-season camping tent from Coleman. The tent with the led light system is a family camping tent. If you are planning with your family or with a group of friends then this will be perfect for you.

We tested the Coleman Elite Sundome tent before writing this review. You need to read this article if you are looking for an instant tent for 6 people. It is perfectly designed with quality material that only requires a few minutes to set up.

Following are the key features of 6 person tent and price.

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Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent Review

Coleman Elite tent check price

The tent with led light is a dome-style camping tent. It is made in the USA with high-quality polyester taffeta 75D sheet. The Sundome tent is designed for group camping. It provides you with enough space for 6 pads or 2 queen-sized air mattresses. Such space is enough to enjoy a luxurious trip. You need to read this review in order to know all the details.

It is water-resistant camping with hinged doors. The WeatherTec system protects you from rain. Furthermore, the welded floors with inverted seams keep the environment of the tent dry. You can call it a perfect hinged door tent with a water-resistant feature so you can enjoy your camping trip even when raining. It is perfect for a small amount of rain but it is not suitable for heavy rain or storm.

  • Lightweight only 20lbs
  • Hinged door tent
  • Instant tent
  • 1-year warranty
  • The dimension of the tent is 12 x 10 feet
  • Not suitable for heavy rain

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Built-in LED Lights

The key feature is its LED lighting. The tent lighting system has 3 different level settings. You can choose from the 3 different settings as per your need and requirement. The 3 levels are low, high, and nightlight. This feature makes this Coleman elite sundome unique from other budgeted tents in the market.

Coleman Elite Tent Setup

It is an instant camping tent that only requires less than 10 minutes to set up the tent fully and start your camping trip. The design of the camping tent makes the installation easy and quick. When we set up this tent for the very first time, it only takes 7 minutes. A newbie and also set up the tent easily, if you face any kind of problem you can take help from the manual of the tent.

Weight and Size

It is a lightweight camping tent for 6 people. The weight is only 9kg, which makes it a perfect portable camping tent. You can take the tent in your backpack and move it from one place to another.

The dimension of the Coleman Sundome Tent is 12 x 10 ft and has a floor size of 120 square feet. Such space is enough for 6 pads or 2 queen-sized air mattresses. You can call it a perfect camping tent for a group of 6 people.

Ventilation and Doors

The design of the tent ensures proper air ventilation in every part of the tent. The tent also has 2 doors, with a hinged door type, that makes the movement much easier. Hinged door tents provide you with a home-type feeling, which means you can enjoy a camping trip with features like a home environment.

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Q: How tall is Coleman elite sundome 6 six-person tent from the center?

A: The height of the tent from the center is 6-foot center height.

Q: Coleman elite sundome tent poles made with?

A: The poles of this hinged door tent are made of plastic with aluminum connectors. These are of high quality and are easy to set up.

Q: How many people can use this tent for a camping trip?

A: The tent is designed for 6-person group camping. You can enjoy camping with your family or with a group of 6 friends.

Q: How many rooms are in this Coleman elite tent?

A: It generally has one big-sized room, but when you need 2 different rooms, for privacy reasons or any other reason you can divide the room with a divider and make the tent a two-room camping tent.

Q: Where this tent can set up?

A: This tent can be set up inside or outside. It is perfect for any kind of camping/hiking trip. The design of the tent makes it an instant camping tent for indoor or outdoor camping.

Q: How many air mattresses can fit in the tent?

A: Two queen-sized air mattresses can easily fit in the tent.

Q: How tall is a sundome tent?

A: The height of the tent is 6-foot center height, so you can call the tent a tent you can stand up in.


We provide each and every detail about the Coleman Elite Sundome 6-person tent. It is an excellent camping tent that has 2 doors, one zipper door, and another hinged door. You can call it a perfect 6-person camping tent. It has all the features you need in a camping tent such as lightweight, water-resistant, instant, and hinged doors.