Coleman Tenaya Lake 6 Person Tent – Better Than Expensive Options

Coleman Tenaya Lake 6-person tent is one of the best-hinged door tents. It is a medium-level camping tent for families and a group of 6 people. You can increase the level of enjoyment in group camping using this family tent. It has all the features that provide you with a luxurious camping experience.

We tested the tent on one of the camping trips and note down the results for this article. We also collect data about satisfied consumers. After reading the Coleman Tenaya lake tent review you can select the tent without any hesitation for your next family camping trip.

Following you can check the key features of the tent and the price of the tent.

Coleman Tenaya Lake

6 person tent

3 Season

Fiberglass material

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Coleman Tenaya Lake Tent Reviews

Coleman Tenaya Lake price

It is a lightweight group camping tent. You can easily take the hinged door tent in your backpack and move it from one place to the next one. It is a fully mobile camping tent introduced by Coleman. The build quality of the tent is quite impressive, it has a pre-assembled pole in the room, so you can quickly set up the tent when you need it.

It is an instant camping tent that only requires 6 to 8 minutes to fully set up the tent for your camping. The process of installation is very easy. The price of the tent is only on the lower side, you can not get a 6-person hinged door tent with supreme quality material in this price range.

  • 6 person tent
  • 3 Season
  • Rainfly
  • Fiberglass material
  • 33-pound weight
  • Instant set up
  • The floor size is slightly less

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Doors and Ventilation

Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent design ensures perfect ventilation in every part of the tent. It has windows in different parts of the part and a hinged door that is also good for ventilation. The tent has a hinged door for entry and exit from the tent. It provides you with a home-like feeling. It is also more comfortable than a zipper door tent. You can use the hinged door in the daytime and at night you can close the hinged door and also the zipper for more protection.


The built quality is much better than the competitors in the price range. It is designed with good quality fiberglass material, also WeatherTec system and rainfly provide you the feature of water resistance. The tent will remain dry in light rain, but it is not suitable for heavy rainfall.


Coleman Tenaya lake 6-person is mainly designed for 6 people camping. The total space of the tent is 13 x 7 feet, furthermore, it also has two 2- x 2-ft closets. This closet with a cabinet provides you with more space for your gears and accessories. You can also you the closet space for your pets. The floor space of the tent provides you with enough space for 2 queen-sized air mattresses. The tent can also divide into 2 room camping tent with the help of a divider. This feature provides you with the privacy you need on a camping trip.


Q: Does the tent come with the rain flap?

A: Yes, the Coleman Tenaya Lake 6-Person Fast Pitch Cabin Tent comes with a rain flap.

Q: Can you access the cabinets of the tent from outside of the tent?

A: No, you can not get access from the outside of the camping tent. The only way to these cabinets is from the inside.

Q: Can a single person pitch the tent or not?

A: Yes, you can pitch the tent easily. It is very easy to do that, even a newbie can do this easily.

Q: Is Coleman Tenaya Lak tent water-proof?

A: Yes, it is a water-resistant camping tent for 6 people. WeatherTec system and rainfly keep the tent dry from inside. It is perfect for light rain, but not suitable for heavy rain or storm.

Q: Is there any warranty for the Coleman Tenaya Lake 6 Person Cabin tent?

A: Yes, you will get 1 year of limited warranty, when you purchase the hinged door tent. You need to go through the manual for complete detail about the warranty of the Coleman camping tent.

Q: How much is the weight of the Coleman Tenaya Lake 6 Person tent?

A: The weight of Coleman’s 6-person camping tent is 33 Pounds. Which is a reasonable amount of weight for a family tent.


We cover all the features of this quality family tent of Coleman. It is perfect for a group of 6 people. Tenaya Lake has all the features of a good quality tent. It has an instant setup, water resistance, is lightweight, and has a limited warranty. It can be your perfect tent for your next trip. The price is also very reasonable.