Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Tent – Best Family Camping Tent

Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Tent is the perfect and most in-demand camping tent. You can enjoy your next camping trip with your friends and family. The Quality and features are far superior to the competitors.

If you still have not decided which camping tent will be suitable for you, then you need to read our article. After going through this review you can easily make your decision. We test each and every feature and specification of this Coleman 10-person outdoor tent before writing this review article.

Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Tent Review

Following is a quick summary of the features and specifications of the Coleman weathermaster 10-person outdoor tent.

Name KeyFeatures Price
Coleman 10 Person Tent

10 person tent



Hinged Door

E-port enabled

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Who is the Coleman weathermaster 10-person outdoor tent for?

It is perfect for 8 to 10 people camping trips. It is the best-budgeted tent for large groups. This camp is designed for up to 10-person, but it is best if you use it for 8-person camping. If it is used as an 8-person, then you get enough space for your gears.

Coleman weathermaster tent is a budget-friendly option for families. If you want a tent for a group and also have a low budget, then this is perfect for you. It is not a luxurious one, but it serves very well a group of 8 to 10 people.

Coleman weathermaster

The weight is on the heavier side, the total weight of the tent is 31 pounds. It is not recommended to carry in your backpack for long distances or during hiking. You can still carry it in your backpack on short-distance travel. A weight of 31 pounds is reasonable for a 10-person tent.

Coleman weathermaster has enough space, But it is better to use it for 6 to 8 people if you need some space for your gear.

  • Good Ventilation
  • Reasonable Price
  • Durable Frame
  • Hinged Door
  • E-port enabled
  • Ideal for 6 to 8 people
  • Not perfect for Cold weather

How to Set up a Coleman weathermaster 10 Person Tent?

It is easy to set up and recommended to install the tent with 1 or 2 more friends or family members. It will reduce the setup time, it requires only 15 minutes. The design of the camping tent makes the setup really quick and easy, even a new camper can easily do this in a few minutes. The pole and ring design make it the best instant setup camping tent.

In case you are going for the very first time, and do not have the knowledge of how to set up a tent? You can read the instructions from the manual or you can also learn from the video guide.

What Tent Type Is The Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Tent?

It is a dome tent for large groups of people. The design is a pole-base, the walls are high enough so you can call it a tall tent you can stand up in.

The floor space of the tent is enough for the sleeping area. The divider provides you the option to make 2 rooms in case of need privacy. Although the tent itself provides enough space for gears, if you need more space for storage then you need to compromise on the group size, or you can also increase the storage space by replacing the pads. You only need to replace it with large full-size cots, in order to increase the storage space.

Design and Material 

The tent is one of the best 10-person tents in the market. It is also a best-seller product because of customers’ trust and builds quality. You can also check customers’ reviews about the product before finalizing. The materials used in the manufacturing of the are of top quality.

coleman weathermaster 10-person outdoor tent


Tent Poles

The poles are made with strong and responsive material. The quality of the pole is much higher than the competitors. Poles are the most important element in a tent frame, which provide shape and strength. 


The polyester fabric used is also high quality and waterproof. You can enjoy a rainy day in the tent without the trouble of water coming inside the camping tent. The inverted seams of the Coleman weathermaster keep the water away on a rainy day. Furthermore, the floor is also waterproof, thanks to the 1000D Polyethylene, which keeps water away.

Note: The tent also has the feature of being light wind-resistant, but it is not suitable for heavy storms.


It is designed for 10-person group camping. The size is 17 feet x 9 feet, which is considered as a spacious area. If you are going for a short camping trip with basic gear and accessories, this is perfect for up to 10 people. But if you have more bags and gear then it is recommended to use it for 6 to 8.

The dome tent can be divided and form two rooms if you need any kind of privacy from the other group members. The setup of the room is easy and simple using the divider. The dome-shaped camping tent has enough space for 3 air mattresses and is tall enough that you can call it a tall tent you can stand up in.

It is difficult to move, you can not carry it in a backpack for moving from one location to another as it is 31 lbs weight. You can move it easily for short distances. The weight of the Coleman 10-person tent is on the higher side, but for a ten-person camping tent, the weight is justifiable.


Coleman weathermaster 10-person tent comes with 2 door options, one door at each side. The front one is a special one as it is a hinged style door for smooth entry and exit from the tent. On the other hand, the back door of the is a zip style, which you can use as per your need.

You can not find two-door options in other tents like this one. The price is also budget-friendly with high-quality material. It will increase the quality of your trip to an extent.


The design of the tent helps in the circulation of fresh air. The ventilation system makes this tent no 1 choice of campers. You can enjoy fresh air irrespective of the weather conditions. The vari flow adjustment makes the airflow more smooth. Multiple windows enhance the circulation of airflow in the tent.

The screen size is large enough, you can check this in the picture below.

screened tent

Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Tent Worth Buying?

Yes, it is worth buying as it is one of the best options that provide you the freedom to camp with comfort. There are countless features you can find in it, with a plus point of Coleman tag which is providing quality products related to camping and hiking for years. Following are some of the key points you can find in this tent.


It is cabin shaped with enough space for up to 10-person. You can use either air mattresses or backpacks to sleep with ease. The total no of rooms is 3 which is enough for a large group of campers. The extra storage compartments ensure that you can properly store your belonging easily.


The price is on the lower side, which is a plus point in any case. when you compare it with other options of different companies then you can clearly identify it as a clear winner. A quality tent from a reputable manufacturing company with a low price tag is an ideal option in any case.


This feature also plays an important role when selecting an outdoor tent. People try to choose the one which they can use in different types of seasons so they need not buy a new one for a different season. This Coleman tent is useful for 4 seasons, which makes it an economical option.


The mobility of tents is also an important factor as the contribution of these features plays an important part in making a version hit or flop. Campers always go with the option which can easily move from one location to another. The total weight of this tent is only 30.86 Pounds, which is not bad for a 10-person.


This Coleman weathermaster 10-person tent review explains what makes this tent unique. By using the hinged door, the entry and exit are like you are at home. The mesh allows for better airflow.

The tent also has welded floors and inverted seams. Using a tarp underneath your tent and coating it with a water-proofer will prevent it from getting wet during rain.

It is a budget-friendly 10person tent. This isn’t an ideal tent for cold weather camping trips, but it’s an excellent choice for camping in hot weather conditions. The features of this tent make it a popular choice.