Hewolf Tent Review – Best 4 Person Tent

The Hewolf 4-person camping tent is an instant tent that only requires a couple of minutes to set up and begin your luxurious and comfortable experience. Hewolf is one of the best tents, and the build quality and instant setup make this tent the first choice of all campers.

After trying the Hewolf 4-person tent on our previous camping trip we tested all the features and other specifications of the hewolf pop-up tent. In this review article, you will get all the information we gathered from our experience on our camping trip and testing this tent practically. It will make your decision-making easy whether to buy this for your next journey or not.

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Hewolf 4 Person Tent Instant Camping Tent

4-person Camping Tent

Waterproof Feature

Perfect Ventilation

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So without wasting further time let’s start the review article about HeWolf 4-Person Instant Tent.

Hewolf Tent Review

Hewolf 4 person tent

It is a waterproof camping tent for 4 people, a double-layer tent that provides you with a 100% waterproof feature, so you can enjoy it without the fear of rain. You can enjoy the rain and beautiful weather inside without getting wet, thanks to this beautiful instant waterproof camping tent.

It is perfect for a short family. You can go on a family trip with this tent. Furthermore, the setup process is really quick. It only requires a few minutes to fully set up the tent. You can check the video below about the quick setup of this tent.

  • The tent is an instant camping tent that requires a few minutes to set up
  • Suitable for any age group – even children can set up easily
  • Good quality material used in the manufacturing
  • Double layer camping tent
  • Two doors with a d-shaped zipper-style door for smooth entry and exit from the tent
  • Suitable for 3 to 4 person
  • Lifetime guarantee of poles of the tent
  • The waterproof feature of the camping tent keeps the rain away from inside so your gears and accessories remain dry in the rain
  • Zipper screen to keep the bad bugs and mosquitoes out of the 4 people camping tent without compromising on ventilation
  • Budget-friendly camping tent as compared with other tents without compromising on quality and comfort
  • Waterproof feature only for a small amount of rain or drizzle. It is not suitable for heavy and continuous rain or rainstorms.
  • Zippers are of low quality so you need to use them with care
  • The Hewolf 4-person tent weight is also on the heavier side, which makes the movement of the tent difficult
  • It is wind resistant but not ideal against heavy winds

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Shape and Floor Space of Hewolf Tent

The shape is a hexagon with the center height of the tent 5 feet x 5inch, which is enough space to move easily. Furthermore, it can accommodate up to 4 people, but it is recommended to use it for 2 to 3 people in order to move freely and also have enough space for your gears and other accessories. This tent has enough space for a queen-size air mattress, so you can sleep comfortably during your camping journey.

Design and Other Features

It has an automatic hexagon hydraulic tent that requires the same amount of time an umbrella requires for opening and serving. The poles and design are perfect for a comfortable and luxurious camping experience.

The tent design is ideal for ventilation in any kind of weather condition. It provides different ventilation windows so you can enjoy camping without any problem. It is also fully secure from bad bugs, you can close the windows and keep the bad bugs out.


The Hewolf 4-person instant camping tent is ideal for camping up to 4 persons. If you are planning a trip with your friend or family then this is enough for you. It is an instant setup feature, which takes a few minutes to set up the tent ready for your camping. Even children can easily install it in a few minutes.

If you are a camping lover and also do not want to spend a huge amount of money on purchasing a big camping tent then this is perfect for you. The price of the tent is on the lower side, furthermore, it has all the features for your comfort and luxurious camping journey.