How to Wash Pottery Barn Backpack? – Cleaning Guide

Pottery Barn Backpack plays an essential role in our kid’s life as they use a beautiful backpack to carry things with them during school or in outdoor activities. The backpack is also used to carry your kid’s belonging while you are on camping outdoor. But there is a question: How to wash pottery barn backpack?

Yes, you can wash it when it became dirty. It is important to clean pottery barn backpack as it is not a difficult task and only requires a few minutes to do so. You can wash a backpack as per the instruction label on the tag, either with a machine wash or hand wash.

How to Wash Pottery Barn Backpack – Step by Step Guide

There are many methods you can use to clean pottery barn backpack such as machine wash or hand wash. The total process is not as difficult as we thought it is. It only requires a few minutes to perform the complete task and make your back like a new one. We will discuss step by step guide so you can understand it easily.

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Things You Need to Wash

Before starting the process of wash either with the help of a machine or hand washing, there are a few things you need before starting the process. Following are the things you need to start the process

Clean Water

Water is the basic element you need to wash pottery barn backpack so you need enough amount of water.


The second thing you need is a detergent powder, you can use the same detergent powder you use for your cloth washing or any other quality detergent you want.

Washing Machine

Next, you need a washing machine to put the bag in and start the process.

Stain Remover

If there are stains on the backpack then the additional thing you need is a stain remover.

Big Size Tub

In the case of hand washing you also need a big size tub instead of the washing machine to wash the backpack.

If you have all the things mentioned above then you can start the washing process.

Washing Pottery Barn Backpack – Machine Wash

The process of washing became more simple and easy if you can use a machine to wash. But there is a question that comes to mind, can you machine wash pottery barn backpacks? And the answer is, yes you can. Following is a step-by-step guide to cleaning the backpack using the washer.

  • Make the backpack empty before starting the process
  • You need to remove keychains if there are any attached with the zip
  • Start the washing process by putting the empty backpack into the washer
  • Add water and detergent into the machine
  • Add stain remover in needed
  • Start the time of the machine as needed 3 to 5 minutes max
  • Once finished take out the backpack and dry it
  • Done

How to Wash a Backpack by Hand

If it is clearly mentioned on the label of the backpack to hand wash only then you must avoid the washer to clean the bag. The handwash process is not difficult either. Following is the step-by-step detail on how you can hand Wash Pottery Barn Backpack.

  • Empty your barn Backback and remorse any keychains
  • Take water in the tub and add detergent and mix well
  • Add stain remover if needed
  • Put the bag in the tub and left for some time.
  • Take out after some time and rub slightly if needed
  • Wash with clean water and dry the bag
  • Done

Tips and Tricks

You must use clean water and good quality detergent to clean it properly
Twice wash if needed, to achieve the desired result
Use stain remover if needed, it can damage the color if used more than in quantity


Q: Can you put a Pottery Barn backpack in the washer?

A: Yes, you can put in a washer to clean the backpack.

Q: How do you wash a backpack without ruining it?

A: There are two methods to wash without ruining, one is washing with the help of a washing machine and the second method is to wash by hand.

Q: Can you put a backpack in the dryer?

A: No, you can not put it in a dryer. It is not recommended to use a dryer to clean Pottery Barn Backpack


We cover all detail in this guide about how to wash the pottery barn backpack and provide step-by-step guidelines to properly wash the backpack. Hopefully, this article will be enough for anyone who wants to clean their bags.