Best 14 Person Tent 2022 – Unique Family Tents

Camping with friends or family is a fun event and full of memorable events, but for a family of 14 people, you need a bigger size tent which is a difficult task. There are many tents which are designed for families but only a few are quality products. We are regular campers and tried many camps in different events and found Ozark Trail as the best 14-person tent.

On a recent camping trip, my team tested more than 15 best camping tents in the market and analyzed each and every aspect of these tents, and shortlist only the 3 best ones. We test the quality of the material used, setup process, ventilation, waterproofing, wind resistance, and many other features. Additionally, we also analyze the reviews of consumers about these camping tents. All this information will help you in selecting a perfect tent for your next trip.

Best 14 Person Tent Review

Following is the list of 3 best camping tents for 14 persons. You can check these and select the one you like the most.

  1. Ozark Trail – Check Price
  2. Ozark Cabin – Check Price
  3. Ozark Base Camp – Check Price

Without wasting further time let’s start the detailed review of these camping tents.

Ozark Trail – 14 Person Tent

Ozark trail base camp cabin 14 person tent price

First on our list is an Ozark 14-person tent as they provide top-of-the-line camping products in the market. The tent is budget-friendly, so if you are planning for group camping or family camping but do not want to spend a large amount of money on a camping tent, then this is perfect for you. It is one of the best 14-person camping tents, also has enough space you can easily stand in the tent.

It is a tent with 2 rooms and a screen room, if you need privacy or want to separate each room as a living room, storeroom, etc. Each room has separate doors and windows for ventilation. You can enjoy quality camping trips and privacy features at the same time in a group camping trip

  • 14 Person Camping
  • Summer Season tent
  • 2 Room feature
  • Tall Camping Tent

  • Only 2 Rooms for 14 Persons

The rooms are designed for the occupancy of 8 people and a screen room for 4 people. These numbers are perfect if you plan a short trip and have fewer accessories with you. In case you plan a medium to large trip then you should consider the tent as a camping tent of 8-person in order to get more space for goods and gear.

Mesh pockets of the tent provide you the freedom to store your small accessories and gears easily as multiple mesh pockets are available in different sanctions in this Ozark tent. Additionally, for larger items, you can store them in rooms as you have enough space to store them easily. You can read the full review of Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring  Lodge Cabin here. We review this tent in detail.

Ozark Cabin – Best Tent for Families

Ozark Trail Instant Family Tent

Second, on our list is Ozark Trail Instant Family Tent. It is a perfect camping tent for families and also for large groups. It provides enough space for a group trip. The tent has 2 bedrooms and a large screen room. Each room has separate doors and windows for ventilation. The design of the tent is also great, that not only provides smooth grip but also a quick setup.

Each room of the Ozark Trail Instant Family Tent has a separate zipper door at the outside of the camp. The separate door option is good for privacy and also the freedom to move in and out of the tent without disturbing other persons. This feature adds more value to your group and family camping.

  • Group Camping Tent
  • Multi-Room Feature
  • Perfect Ventilation
  • Instant Tent
  • Tall Camping Tent
  • Quality of is slightly lower than other tents

The Ozark Trail family tent has enough storage options available. Following are the storage options available in this camping tent.

  • Mesh Pockets
  • Wall Pockets
  • Bottle Pockets
  • Media Pockets

Other Features

You will get an e-port for electric power devices such as phones, camp fridges, and air conditioning. It is a tall camping tent in Ozark, but the setup process of this camping tent is very simple. It only requires less than 20 minutes to set up. The time of camp setup will reduce when more than one person works on the setup. Additionally, camp setup time reduces if you are an experienced camper/hiker.

You can get space for 3 queen size air mattresses in this Instant camping tent. If you want more space for storage and privacy then it is better to consider it as a camping tent for 8-person.

Ozark Base Camp – Best Family Camping Tents

Ozark trail base camp cabin 14 person tent

Next on our list of Best camping tents for 14 people is a top-quality Ozark Base Camp. It is the best camping tent on the market. It is a multi-room camping tent and provides you the feature of up to 4 rooms. You will get 3 normal sizes and one bigger room in this tall camping tent. The floor space and headroom are the best as compared with other multi-room camping tents in the market.

Ozark Trail tent 14 people camping tent provides you the feature of separate room doors for each room. These doors are zipped-style doors and open outside the camp, meaning each room member can enter and exit from their room without disturbing other campers. I like this feature the most, as it provides privacy features without disturbing other group members.

  • 14 Person Camping tent
  • Best for 3 Season Camping
  • Tall tent 78′ Height
  • 5 Room tent
  • Price is slightly high

There is no storage and space issue in this plus-size Ozark trail tent for 14 people. You can not find a better tent in the market with such space and other features and also budget-friendly. It has enough space for 4 mattresses. You can use 4 rooms for privacy purposes and also you can separate each room as a store, living room and dining room if you are going with your family camping. Read the full review of the Ozark trail base camp cabin here. You can check all about this in this review article.

Large Storage and Multi-Room Feature

The issues we face in group camping the most are store issues. Due to a large number of campers, we get limited space for the store of our accessories and gears. We also hear about mixing gear with other campers and spending some time finding our goods. In the Ozark 14-person tent, you can store your gear and goods easily without any issue as it provides enough storage.

The Ozark Trail multi-room camping tent has an e-port that provides you the feature to use or power your electric equipment or charge your cell phone, laptop, camping fridge, camping air cooler, and air conditioner.

Why you should buy a 14 Person Tent?

A camping tent for 14 people is ideal for a large group and family camping trip. There are many features you can enjoy if you choose a bigger size camping tent for your next camping trip. Following are the key features you can enjoy in a plus-size camping tent.

Large Area

A 14-person camping tent provides you with enough space so a group of 14 people can easily use it on their camping trip. These tents are bigger in size and also have headspace so that you can easily stand in your tent. These tents offer occupancy of 14 people if you have a small number of gears and accessories. If you are planning for a longer trip duration and have more gear and accessories, then you should consider a camping tent for 12-person in order to have some more space for your gear.

When choosing a large size camping tent, you need to choose the tent carefully, as come tents that claim occupancy of 14 people has much less space. You should check the amount of floor space, headspace, rooms, and other features before selecting any new camping tent for your group or family trip.

Multiple Rooms

The Multi-room feature of these large-size tents is the most in-demand feature, as it provides you the option of privacy while enjoying your camping trip. A 14-person camping tent has multi rooms that can be set up quickly using dividers. These tents have enough floor space and also have a bigger headspace area in the rooms so you can call it a camping tent where you can stand in it.

These Rooms also have separate door features. In a large size camping tent, you can get different types of doors. Some tents provide hinged doors for rooms, while others provide zipped-style doors for multiple rooms in the camping tent. You can check out some of the best Multi-Room tents in this article.

Storage Space

The storage space in these large camping tents is enough. It provides you the freedom to store your gear and belongings easily. There are different storage options available in these 14-person tents such as cabinet storage, mesh storage, and other storage options. You can store your gears in these mini-house-type tents easily.

More Headroom

These tents are designed for family or group camping. The main features of these camping tents are more floor space and enough headroom so all campers can stand up in the camping tent easily. You can also call these tall camping tents for group camping or family camping.


Q: How much time is required to set up a 14-person tent?

A: It only requires 20 minutes to set up a 14-person camping tent. If you are doing this for the second time you can do this in less than 18 minutes.

Q: Is a 14-person tent good for camping?

A: The 14-person camping tent is designed for group or family camping. It is the best camping tent for family camping.

Q: What type of tent is best for group camping?

For group camping, multi-room tents are best. It will provide you with more space and also have a privacy feature.

Q: What are the best family tents?

A: For family camping, it is recommended to use a tall and multi-room camping tent. You can use rooms for privacy purposes or you separate each room as a living room, dining room, and storeroom.

Final Thoughts

All above reviewed 14-person camping tents are of top quality and the best in the market. These are high-performing products in the market. Consumers show their trust and willingness to buy these particular camping tents compared with others. We provide each and every minus feature of these camping tents that will help you in your decision-making.

These 14-person cabin tents have the feature of waterproof and wind resistance. The designs are made in such a way that each room gets fresh air. Privacy factors and storage options are the plus points in these camping tents. You can choose the one you like the most and all are top-quality products.

The one we like the most is Ozark Base Camp. It provides 4 room options and better storage options than the other 3 options. The price of this 14-person tent is also on the lower side.