Best Portable Toilet – Porta Potty Ultimate Guide

Portable Toilets are an important and basic need of a camper, finding the best one is a difficult task. There are many options available in the market, but only a few quality toilets are available. My team used different portable toilets in various camping events and found Coleman portable as the best toilet for outdoor camping.

In this article, we will give an in-depth look at some of the most popular camping toilets on the market today. We’ll look at how these portable toilet works and talk about their different features. If you are planning an outdoor trip then this article is for you.

Best Portable Camping Toilet 2022

If you are going on a camping trip, but you don’t have access to a flushing toilet – no problem! We will provide you with a list of the best portable toilets. You can even take it to a music festival or sporting event and not miss out on all the action.

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Yitahome Toilet

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Thetford Potty

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Coleman – Best Portable Toilet

Coleman - Best Portable Toilet

The Coleman Portable Toilet is just what you need when your comfort depends on it. With this camping toilet, you’ll always be able to find a private spot to do your business and freshen up.

It is designed for ease of use and convenience. It comes with a water storage tank, which you can fill up before use or at your destination. You’ll also get a waste holding tank, which has plenty of room for all the waste created by one user.

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What’s even better is that you can empty the waste-holding tank at your destination without ever having to touch it. Simply attach the hose and dump it in a pit or sewer drain where available.

The toilet has lots of good features, including:

  • Added height to allow for better comfort
  • Comes with a sealing slide valve that prevents leakage
  • The lid opens easily and stays open making it easy for you to change your clothes or grab what you need
  • Comes with three bags to hold everything – no need for a separate trash bag
  • Has a durable plastic construction and comes with handles and grips for easy portability and storage

Camco – Best Camp Toilet

Camco Camp Toilet

The Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet is designed for camping, and other recreational activities. It has a 5.3-gallon tank that flushes up to 28 times on one tank of water. It uses the most water-efficient flush method with 4-inch maxi-log toilet paper. This toilet features side latches that secure the tank to the toilet, a bellow-type flush, and sturdy construction. It has a sleek design that is compact enough to store when not in use.

The quality of the product is much higher. Following are the features of the product:

  • Lightweight, portable, and easy-to-clean freshwater toilet
  • Designed for camping, RV, boating, and other recreation activities.
  • Includes seat cover and toilet paper holder with roll
  • Sleek design compacts easily for storage when not in use.
  • Quality is much better than what was expected.

Yitahome – Best Camping Toilet

Yitahome - Best Camping Toilet

This is a very nice and sturdy toilet. I like the fact that it has a large capacity for waste tank use and it’s much larger when you receive it than what it looks like in the picture. The flush works great when needed to be used and the battery compartment not only holds the batteries well but they’re very easy to put in.

I like its design, my only complaint is that they don’t sell replacement parts for when they wear out. other than that you can call it the best camping toilet.

The assembly was quick and easy; I’m not sure what the other reviewer is talking about, it’s pretty straightforward even for me who’s not particularly mechanically inclined.

It’s a good product for those who do a lot of camping or other outdoor activities. I found it to be sturdier than most portable toilets that are on the market which tend to be flimsy and need constant repairs, this one is definitely more durable and well-made.

The waste tank doesn’t leak at all although it only comes with one seal which is kind of inconvenient, I think it should have at least two or multiple ones because when you’re camping you need to empty the waste tank very often.

Thetford – Best Portable Camping Toilet

Thetford Camping potty

Thetford is one of the best portable toilets with excellent features. It has a dimension of (H x W x D): 448 x 388 x 450 mm with a flush-water tank capacity of up to 15 liters. It also shows you a waste level indicator display.

We bought this product to use when I go camping, and it is an excellent buy. Its very compact in size yet has a decent-sized water capacity and waste tank. The flush system works well and is easy to keep clean if required. It is not much bigger than a standard camping toilet but much better quality. I would definitely recommend this product.

It is a lightweight, portable, freshwater flush toilet for camping or boating use. I absolutely love it.

The price is also on the lower side as compared with the features they are providing to camp lovers. If you want a quality camping toilet on a low budget then this is the perfect choice for you.


Q: What is a portable toilet?

A: It is also known as a porta-potty and porta john, is a self-contained restroom that is easily transported. Most are single occupancy and designed for heavy-duty usage over multiple days of the event.

Q: How is a camping toilet used?

A: It is set up by first placing the waste tank on the floor or platform, then placing the bowl over it. When someone uses the facility, they pull down the front cover of the bowl to go inside.

Q: How are porta-potties emptied?

A: Portable toilets are emptied by removing their contents into a larger sewage tank, locally referred to as a honey wagon. The waste is later pumped out and taken for treatment or disposal.

Q: Where can I find a portable toilet?

A: It is the perfect option for large-scale recreational events such as music festivals, beer tents, races, marathons, and more. They can be found at all major sporting events and in large communities and parks.

Q: Where can I find a good portable toilet rental company?

A: Portable toilets are available to rent from many different suppliers so you do not need to worry about finding a source. Some companies will even drop them off for free if you meet a certain number of rentals.


From the aforementioned information, a person is sure to make his/her point on why a portable toilet should be used. The article does not give a wall of text, but instead concisely gives the reasons about what portable toilets are and how they can be used.