Best Tent You Can Stand Up In 2022 – Family Camping

When you are planning a family outdoor trip you need a bigger tent, but unfortunately, most of the tents are not big enough. These are only for children’s height, but for those of us that are six feet or taller, it’s hard to find a tent that’s really tall. There are few options available that fulfill our needs. My team tested a few in a recent camping event and find the Core 9-person as the best tent you can stand up in.

In order to find out the best stand up camping tent, we tested more than 20 best tents to stand up in and shortlisted only 9 which really perform better in all departments. If you are in search of a new one for your next camping trip then you need to stay connected till the end in order to find a perfect one.

9 Best Tent You Can Stand Up In 2022

Following are the tents which perform well in our test. Some are budget-friendly and some have slightly expensive, but the quality of these is perfect for your family’s needs.

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Core 9 Person – Best Tent You Can Stand Up In

Core 9 Person - Best Tent You Can Stand Up In

The first on our list is the Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent. It has a center height of 78″, is easy to set up, and fits two queen air mattresses. Additionally, it has room dividers and wall storage pockets for extra organization. It also includes a rain fly, tent stakes, and a carry bag.

The walls are high enough to stand comfortably in. You can sleep standing up, but not while walking around and sitting down. Unless you like feeling like a giant towering over your campmates.

It has all the features you need in a top-quality outdoor stand-up tent for camping. The cost is also on the lower side, so if you are in search of a new one core 9 should be a perfect choice for you.

Coleman Elite – Best Stand-Up Tent

Camping is a fun and exciting way to spend time with family and friends. But who wants to sleep on the ground? No one. That’s why Coleman has created the Elite WeatherMaster 6, a massive camping tent that provides you with ample storage space and still allows you to stand up straight while you pack your gear or prepare for bed.

More than just a little tent for two or three people to crouch in, the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 is spacious enough to hold up to six people comfortably. With spacious interior space and a ceiling that towers over eight feet high at the center, you won’t have to worry about not having enough room to stretch out.

The Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 has six windows that feature its exclusive ComfortPort system, which opens the window from the inside with a touch of your finger and closes it by pressing against the exterior window frame to keep out critters. The screen room also features two large sliding windows for cross ventilation on hot days or mosquito protection when desired.

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ALPS Mountaineering – Stand Up Camping Tent

ALPS Mountaineering - best mountaineering tent

Alps Mountaineering says that this tent is great for groups or large families. The two rooms allow to spread out and sleep comfortably. In the larger room, there are mesh storage areas that add convenience and allow campers to store clothes without worrying about them smelling like a wet dog after a trip in wet conditions.

The Camp Creek 6-Person from Alps Mountaineering has a room divider, door awning, and four mesh windows. The large awning provides a shaded front entrance for comfort and convenience. The floor mat is made from heavy-duty material that will protect the floor from mud, water, or rough surfaces.

Core Extended – Stand Up Tent

Core tents are a great solution for any camping enthusiast that wants to enjoy more space and comfort when they camp. The extended dome design creates extra room, allowing you to stand up inside if you want. This tent sleeps nine people, fits three queen-size air mattresses, and has a center height of 72 inches. Making this a great solution for any group of people, whether they are kids or adults.

The Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent comes with a gear loft and lantern hook, storage pockets to keep items organized, and it also has a limited 1-year warranty. The interior has a polyester built-in adjustable ground vent and two large D-style doors with a mesh roof in the center of each door. The large mesh roof allows you to watch the stars when you go camping at night.

HIKERGARDEN – Best Camping Tent

Hikergarden 2022 upgrade tent is large enough for family outdoor adventure. With the dimension of 120 x 96 x 76 inches, the HIKERGARDEN is larger than normal, and you can stroll in the large center section without stopping. 2 queen air mattresses or 6 sleeping bags are well fit inside. It is an ideal family tent for outdoor in all types of weather.

The tent has a 5000mm and 3000 mm waterproof index, a high-quality fabric made from Oxford 210T/320D PVC coated polyester material, double layer floor construction for more comfort and durability, easy setup with a new double zipper door design for better closure and a large mesh for ventilation.

The upgrade tent has two double layers separated by a divider that has three windows covered with mosquito netting on the top side, the windows can be opened or closed, so you have the option of more ventilation.

Browning Big Horn – Best Stand Up Tent

Browning Camping Big Horn is one of the tallest tents designed for camping. It is made of polyester mesh which offers maximum ventilation inside yet protects you from annoying bugs. It is very spacious and comes with six large windows to give you a great view.

The Big Horn Tent has a center height of 87 inches which is just awesome for standing up inside without even touching the top. What’s more, it also features two doorways and a single divider to separate two rooms if necessary. Ample ventilation, easy access, and a high ceiling are the features you want to have.

Coleman Montana – Tent You Can Stand Up In

Coleman Montana - Tent You can Stand Up In

The Cabin tent with Hinged Door is another tall outdoor gear. As its name suggests, the cabin style is spacious enough for eight people to be very comfortable.

Measuring 12 by 10 feet, the tent features a center height of 81 inches and two large D-style doors with no-see-um mesh windows. It is made of durable fabric with taped floor seams to keep water out. A gear loft, storage pockets, and a lantern hook in the center are available for extra functionalities inside.

It also comes with a rain fly that protects you from rains and sun. A zippered mesh window in the rain fly is designed for airflow ventilation.  The Coleman Camping Cabin Tent with Hinged Door comes with a carrying bag and can be easily set up within minutes.

Coleman 8-Person – Best Family Tent

Coleman 8-Person Tent - Best Family Tent

Coleman’s 8-person instant tent sets up in one minute, making it the perfect choice for your next camping trip. There’s enough room to fit two queen-size airbeds, and with its rugged Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric, this 5- by 10-foot family tent is built to last through all of your adventures.

The WeatherTec System includes patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry by stopping water from seeping through the tent walls. This Coleman instant tent offers a 1400mm waterproof polyethylene floor, as well as a Variflo adjustable venting system that lets out condensation and keeps in heat.

The setup process is simple and hassle-free. There are snag-free, continuous pole sleeves so you can set up quickly without frustration. When the fun is done, it can easily fold down into an included carry bag for storage.

Red Canyon – Tent You Can Stand Up In

Red Canyon - Tent You Can Stand Up In

If you want a tent that is tall with a high center, this tent has 72 inches of center height. It is big enough for 8 campers to sleep with 2 room dividers which makes 3 separate rooms if you need more privacy from your partners or kids.

You should buy it if you want more room and a higher stand-up. It has a high center at 72 inches, so it is definitely a great family camping tent with the ability to accommodate 8 people. You will love this Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system ensures you will be completely dry while camping. It is very easy to set up with shock-corded poles and easy-to-follow assembly instructions. The cool airport gives you better airflow for a comfortable living space inside the colorful dome design.

Vari-Flo adjustable venting allows you to adjust airflow and access gear. With heavy-duty 18-millimeter fiberglass poles, it is more durable and stronger with high wind resistance. You can trust Coleman’s quality if you are looking for a durable family outdoor tent.

Buying Guide

The process of selecting a right and tall camping tent is not that difficult. All you need to do is go through some vital points and follow the instructions.

Check your purpose for buying a tent, Do you want to buy it for family camping or hiking? Or just want to spend some time with friends? These are the questions that might help you choose the right one. The structure of the tent mainly depends on your purpose.

Now, after you find out the answers to the above questions it’s time to check some other vital things like the space. Stand-up tents are different when compared to normal ones, but there is a little change in their build. If you are planning to buy something for a family adventure trip, you better consider a bigger one.

These have enough height and are long enough for an adult to stand and enjoy the view outside. It might sound a bit odd, but it’s true. You can also store your gears inside them without any hassle. Following are some key factors that contribute to your selection:

Price of the Tent

The price range is not that high. You can easily get a good quality one within the $100 to $400 range. These are available in various designs and colors. You can easily find the one according to your requirement and other camping gear.

Material Used

Well, you don’t need to consider this point if you are going to share it with your friends. But if you are going to use it alone, then consider this point in a little more detail. Cheaper tents have a simple build and are preferable for a single person. If you want something that can carry all gears along with you then go for a slightly expensive or branded one which has better-built quality and is durable.

Frame of the Tent

The frame is also an important factor if you are going to use it alone. This point not only helps in durability but also saves you from additional weight. Well, tall camping tents have a good quality built so most of the time you don’t need to consider this point for a single-person tent unless you want to take the risk.

Waterproofing Ability

Most are well-built for providing protection against weather changes like rain, strong sunlight, etc. What you need to consider is only its waterproofing ability, because it has enough space for keeping your gears dry and protected. Most of the tents have rain fly included, but there are some which don’t. In that case, you can use a tarp or poly sheet to make your tent protected from water.

Well, this is enough for selecting the right and best tent you can stand up in for yourself. Make sure to check the space before buying one because it might be risky if you select a smaller space for adults.

Why Choose a Tent You Can Stand Up In? Reasons

There are many reasons to choose. The tent with a height of 5m+ offer fantastic value for money when you consider all the things that the extra fabric provides. Not only does it provide better comfort in terms of living space, but they also provide even more storage room and outside space to store your gear.

– Better useable height inside & out
– More storage room
– More outside space


Q: What is stand-up in?

A: These tents allow you to stand up inside them. These are not the most common types around, however, they are very useful. People who love camping like to go into nature and be surrounded by it; these people are usually very active and enjoy trails that allow them to participate in sports or other activities while still being open to the air.

Q: Why would anyone want to stand in their tent?

A: There are many reasons why one might choose to stand in. The most common reason is probably that they like to be able to stretch out and stand without having their head touch the ceiling. It also allows for more room inside, which is nice for taller people.

Q: How do you set up a tall tent?

A: These are usually easy to set up. If they have a center pole, setting it up is usually very straightforward. Many have a center pole, but can still be set up more easily by using the included ground stakes and ropes. the tent is usually larger than most, so setting it up may take a little bit more time.

Q: How much does a stand-up tent cost?

A: It cost anywhere between $100 and $400. They may not be the cheapest out there, but they can also be an investment, as you will be using them for a long time.

Q: What is the best tent you can stand up in?

A: The best one that suits your personal preferences. When looking for a new tent, think about how your family likes to camp and what they might need from a camping tent.

Q: Are tents you can stand up in good for families?

A: Yes, they are a great option for families. They allow enough room inside that children can play. Parents can also stand up, which makes it easier to get changed and do other things without having to hunch over.


Tents you can stand up in are great for people who need to stand up. These are also good choices for recreational activities, such as tailgating. They are available from a variety of manufacturers in many different sizes and shapes. They come with features such as storage compartments and dressing areas, so it would be a good idea to look around for a model that best suits your needs.