Coleman Weathermaster 6-person Screened Tent – Best Luxurious Design

Coleman Weathermaster 6-person screened tent is a tall cabin-type family or group tent. It is tall enough that you can easily stand up in this tent. Coleman weathermaster 6 is a two-room tent with a large screen area to enjoy camping while sitting inside the screen room. It is a spacious camping tent that provides enough space for 6-person camping.

Selecting the right tent for your camping is the most important part of any camping/hiking trip. You want to relax and refresh yourself by camping after a long work season, so the selection of the right tent provides you with more comfort and a luxurious camping experience. Coleman Weathermaster 6 is one of the best family or group camping tents in the market.

Following are the Key Features and prices of the Coleman Weathermaster 6-person Screened tent.

Coleman 6 Person Tent

6-Person Tent

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Coleman Weathermaster 6 Review

Coleman Weathermaster 6-person Screened Tent price

This tent has two rooms and one large size screen room. The screen room is without a floor. The inner rooms of the tent have enough space that you can place two queen-sized air mattresses easily. The footprint of the tent is 17-by-nine (W x D) with a total height of 6ft and 10 inches, which means the tent is tall enough that you can stand up and move intent comfortably.

It is an instant tent of 6-person as it only requires a few minutes to be fully set up and ready for camping. It is 3 season camping tent with a lot of windows for perfect ventilation. You will find many windows with mesh to enjoy the camping without any problem. It also features with hinged door, which makes the movement easy and more comfortable.

  • Two Room Tent
  • 6 Person Tent
  • Water Resistant
  • Perfect Ventilation
  • High Quality Material

  • Not for Heavy Rain

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It is a two-room tent for families and groups. The floor space can easily use for up to 6 people. But if you are planning for a long camping trip then consider the tent as a 4-person tent, this will provide some extra space for your accessories and gear. It is ideal for a couple with 2 kids.

Water Resistance

The Coleman weathermaster 6 is designed with a WeatheTec system, that provides you the feature to remain dry from the inside when raining. It is also suitable for light rainfall, in case of heavy rain or storm it is not recommended.


The setup process is very simple and easy. It only requires 20 minutes to fully set up the tent with 2 people. Steps for installation are very easy even a newbie can easily install the tent in a few minutes. In case of any difficulty, you can go through the manual attached with the camping tent.

Coleman 6 person camping tent weathermaster


Q: Is Coleman weathermaster 6 durable?

A: Yes, it is a durable product. It is designed for 3-season camping. The quality of the tent is much superior to the other competitor’s tents in the market. You can compare the quality and price tag, it will be a clear winner in the comparison.

Q: Is Coleman Weathermaster 6 easy to use?

A: Yes, This family camping tent is very easy to use. It has two rooms plus one screed room, which is enough for 6 people camping/hiking trip. Furthermore, it has a hinged door, which makes the use of this tent much more easier and comfortable.

Q: What are the dimensions of the 6-person screened tent?

A: The footprint of the tent is 17-by-nine (W x D) with a total height of 6ft and 10 inches. You can call it a perfect tall camping tent for 6 people.

Q: Coleman Weathermaster 6 is for?

A: It is a family and group camping tent for up to 6 people. It has 2 large size rooms and a screen room, which provide enough space for comfortable camping.

Q: Is the setup process difficult?

A: No, The setup process is very easy. It only requires 20 minutes to fully set up the tent and start your camping journey.


We provide you with all the details about the Coleman weathermaster 6-person screened tent so you can decide whether it is perfect for your group or family camping trip or not. It is one of the best performing 6-person tents in the market, because of its high quality and reasonable price.