Do Tents Come With Stakes? – Find Out Here

If you are new to camping and purchasing a tent for the first time, then a question comes into your mind: do tents come with stakes? Some new campers do even not know what is included in the box.

Yes, Stakes are included with all the tent, it is not an expensive part of the tent that’s why manufacturers mainly provide them with a new purchase. Although it is not a necessary item as you can ignore this part when there is no rain and normal wind flow.

Do Tents Come With Stakes?

Tents stakes are an important part that provides support and help to hold ground in high wind and rainy conditions. If you are using a tent without stakes in a windy condition there are fair chances that your tent will be blown away. So it is recommended to use it in bad weather.

How to Find Stakes Included?

Normally all manufacturers provide this part with the purchase of any type of tent as it is lightweight and cheap. It is included but the quality of these stakes is much lower than those which you can buy separately from amazon or any store. Although 95% of manufacturers provide please for free still you can check whether it is included or not with the following methods.

Product Description

You can find the detail about the accessories included with the tent described in the description section. Along with other detail, you can easily check information about this part.


If it is not included in the description section then you need to check in the features section of a camping tent. A seller will mention these detail in this part with other detail.

Buyers Reviews

It is a less effective part where you can check the detail about the tent stakes. You need to read some buyers’ reviews in order to find the detail about free skates.

Contact Manufacturer

If you are unable to confirm from the above-mentioned methods then you easily contact the manufacturer of camping tents about this matter. They will definitely reply to you within 24 hours.

Types of Stakes

There are different types of tent stakes available in the market with different shapes, sizes, qualities, and price tags. A camper chooses stake type after considering the surface and location of camping. Following are some of the famous types available in the market and online.

Shephard Hook Stakes

It is the cheapest and most lightweight stake available in the market. Manufacturers always go with lightweight and low-budget pegs to provide with the tent, The weight of Shephard Hook Stakes is between 3 to 5oz, which is much lesser than other types.

If you are in search of a stake then you must consider MSR’s Hooks, it is much lighter in weight. The quality and price have not to match with shepherd hook

V-Shaped Stakes

You can rate the v-shape better than Shephard Hook but slightly lower than the Groundhog stakes. It works on almost any kind of surface and provides good support to the tent, but the weight of this stake type is higher.

It is important to carefully apply these. There are high chances of bending in case you hammer it with full force. Try to fix with a slow and sturdy technique.

Groundhog Stakes

It is a premium holding equipment, that provides more strength and stability to your tent. The weight of this product is .46oz and has a total size of 6 inches. The added weight is the plus point in the stake for camping.

There are two well-performing Groundhog stakes that are better than the other. One is MSR Groundhog and the other is MSR Mini Groundhog which is slightly lighter in weight.

Nail Stakes

Last is a nail-style stake. The plus point is its lightweight feature as it is much lighter than the other 3 options mentioned. On the other hand, this price is slightly higher, which you can call its drawback.

The other issue which I hear from other campers is that it sometimes broke while hammering.

Why Use Tent Stakes?

Tent pegs are important as they provide the true shape and stability to the tent. A tent gets a good amount to support from the ground if these pegs are installed perfectly. If you are camping without stakes and suddenly start rain or high wind flow starts, your tent will blow away as there is no support from the ground.

It is not a 100% necessary part, it is only required when there are bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or wind. In such conditions, your tent can not survive without the help of tent pegs and ground support.

Do Coleman Tents Come With Stakes?

Yes, Coleman tents come with stakes with all tents. It is one of the best-performing companies providing outdoor equipment. They clearly mention in their product detail that all the tents sold under the brand of Coleman have free tent stakes. So if you are planning to buy a new tent from Coleman then there is no need to buy a stake for the tent separately.

Do Ozark Trail Tents Come With Stakes?

Yes, Ozark Trail also provides free stakes to its consumers. Ozark is a famous tent brand famous for family tents. It is in the second spot in 2021 after Coleman. The tall tents they offer include a much higher quality stake.


Q: Do all tents come with stakes?

A: Yes, all manufacturers provide free to their consumers. It is a cheaper and lightweight part that’s why all manufacturers include this with their tent. Although you will free set of stakes from manufacturers the quality of those will be much lower than those which you buy separately.

Q: Do tents come with pegs?

A: Tent stakes are also known as pegs and with the purchase of a new tent, you will get a set of free pegs.

Q: Do pop-up tents need pegs?

A: Pop-up tents are light in weight and set up instantly. It requires a few seconds you set up. It also requires pegs in windy conditions to get some support from the ground.

Q: Do we need tent stakes all the time?

A: No, we do not need stakes all the time, they are only required when the Airflow is high or in case of rain. Other than these two conditions you can use a tent without stakes.

Q: Why are tent stakes so important?

A: These are important because they provide the required amount of support from the ground to maintain its shape and balance in windy conditions.


Tents come with stakes, but when to use these depends on surface and weather conditions. If the weather is normal there is no need to use it. On the other hand in case of rain or wind, you must use tent pegs while setup.