How to Keep Your Tent Cool? – Tips to Stay Cool

Camping is fun throughout the year, but it became tougher in the summer season due to hot days and nights. Every camper has a question in their mind when he decides to go camping during the summer season that is, How to keep your tent cool?

There are many methods you can use to cool a camping tent in summer. All are effective because my team practically uses all these methods on various camping trips. You can select any from these methods.

Ways to Make Tent Cool

We will discuss only a few best options that are easy to implement and their results are instant. You can try any one or more than one as per your need and requirement.

Tent Selection

When selecting a tent for summer camping you try to choose those which have multiple windows and a better ventilation system. If the ventilation system of a tent is better it definitely reduces the temperature inside the tent and makes it cooler.

Pitch when Cooler

The second option to make your tent temperature lower is also very effective. It is recommended to pitch your tent in the evening when the temperature is low. It will hugely contribute to lower down the temperature of your tent and you can sleep comfortably at night.

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If your trip is more than one day, then you are advised to unpack your tent in the daytime and set up again in the evening. By using this method you will achieve your desired result.

Open Vents

If your tent a have multiple vents then you need to open all these vents so the air can flow without any difficulty. The ventilation system plays an important role to make your tent cooler. It is advised to select those tent which has a better system for airflow.

Use Fan

The next option which you can use with other options is tent fans. There are many portable fans available in the market and online. It will cool down the environment of the tent and provide a comfortable place to enjoy your outdoor trip with friends or family.

Portable Ac

You can try a portable Ac also for summer camping if you have the budget and can arrange the electricity backup for the AC. This method is perfect for enjoying summer camping in a comfortable environment.

Stay Hydrated

In summer, it is advised to stay hydrated. While camping in the summer season you need to increase your water intake so that you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Cloth Selection

You need to choose only those clothes which are light and comfortable for summer camping. This method also helps to reduce the heat intent.


Q: Will an evaporative cooler work in a tent?

A: Yes, it will work perfectly to cool down the temperature. You can use it easily, just need to arrange electricity backup.

Q: Can reflective tarps help to reduce the temperature?

A: Yes, Reflective traps reduce the temperature of the tent. It blocks direct sun waves to contact the tent which helps to reduce the temperature to a certain extent.

Q: Can we use Ice to lower the camping tent atmosphere?

A: Yes, you can use it to low down the temperature to a certain extent.

Q: Are cooling a tent during the summer season an expensive process?

A: No, it is not an expensive process. There are many methods you can use to cool down the temperature. Some are expensive and some are cheap. You can select any option as per your budget and requirement.


Summer camping is a most famous outdoor activity as people love to explore nature during the hot summer season. But campers need to defeat the heat of summer to enjoy their trip. We try to explain different methods which can help to reduce heat and make the inside environment of the tent cooler. Happy Camping!