How to Store a Tent – Ultimate Guide

Camping is a healthy activity that provides enough fun while exploring the true beauty of nature. But once the trip is over there are certain things you need to perform well, and these will benefit you on your next outdoor trip. One most important task is to store the tent properly. In this article, we provide you with full detail about how to store a tent.

Mostly when we return from an outdoor trip and left all the gear including a tent in the garage and go for a rest. But this is not the right way to store gear and especially the camping tent. The process of storing a tent after a trip requires some time and attention to save it from damage and mildew.

If you follow the process correctly that will benefit you on your to save a handsome amount of money. Which is not bad in exchange for a few minutes to store it properly.

How to Store a Tent? – Detailed Guide

There are a few things you must perform before storing a tent for a long period of time. These are important parts and can not be escaped. If you ignore it, it will damage your gear badly and can cause mildew or other damage.

Following are the things you need to perform before storing

Clean the Tent

When you return home after camping or hiking you need to unpack your tent again to clean it properly. You can use a brush or a clean cloth for this task. It is important to clean their property before storing it. There are many things you need to clean such as wet soil and other dirt objects.

Dry the Tent

There is some moisture in it when you return from camping so it needs to dry properly. You need to dry it in an open space. This process helps the tent from any kind of mildew. These steps are important and increase the lifespan of your camping gear. So you need to perform these tasks will full attention.

Pack Tent is a Breathable Bag

The next step is to pack the tent in a spacious bag, not the one which comes with the purchase of the product. These bags are small and not designed to store the for a long period of time. So, if you want to store it for a long period of time then it is necessary to store it in a big size bag.

Where to Store the Tent

Once you perform the prerequisite of tent storage, then you are ready to store it. But what is the best place to store it? The best place to store is a spacious and cool place where air can flow easily. So, whenever you return from a trip you must store it in a proper place.

Where and How to Store Tent Poles?

There are two ways to store the poles of your tent, one option is to store them in assembled condition if you have enough space as it is a better option and reduces the chances of any damage. But in case you do not have enough space to store the poles in the assembled condition you can store them easily in an unassembled condition.

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It is up to you to choose an option, it all depends on the available space. Take your decision as per your situation as both options are equally valid.


Q: How do you store when not in use?

A: You need to store it in a proper way so it remains in shape and you can use it on your next adventure trip. Before storing it in a spacious place you need to dry it properly.

Q: Why it is necessary to dry the tent before storing it?

A: It is important because some tents camping have some moisture that needs to dry before storing. If you store without this process, there are chances mildew will damage it.


Storing a tent for camping is easy in you to follow the steps properly. We try to explain the method in a simple and easy way so all camp enthusiasts can benefit from it. After going through this article, you know how to store a tent.