Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring Lodge Cabin – Best Family Tent

Ozark trail 14 person spring lodge cabin camping tent is one of the best group or family camping tents. It is also known as the tallest camping tent. The height ensures proper ventilation as you can enjoy your camping trip in hot weather conditions without any problem.

Before writing this article we personally tested all the features in detail. The result of the spring lodge cabin tent test is outstanding. The ventilation system is perfect for all types of weather conditions. The headspace, setup process, and space of gears and accessories are well designed for a luxurious trip. If you are going to a group or family, this tent should be ideal for you.

Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring Lodge Cabin Review

Following is a summary of the features of this tent. You can check these before buying.

Ozark Trail Spring Lodge 14 Person


2 Room

Tall Tent

Price on Amazon

It is budget-friendly as the price of a tall tent with such features is much higher than the price of the Ozark trail 14-person camping tent. Let’s start with a detailed review of this amazing 14-person camping tent.

Ozark Trail 14 Person Spring Lodge Cabin is made for?

Ozark Trail 14 check price

It is made for group camping, when planning a family camping trip then it is ideal with more space. It is designed for up to 14-person, but if your trip is of long duration then making the group up to 10 is ideal, it will provide you more space for other accessories.

Multi-Room Ozark Tent

It has two rooms for sleeping with a large size screen room. The size of the rooms is large enough to sleep comfortably. Each room of the tent has a separate door, so you can enter/exit from rooms freely, without disturbing other camp members. This feature provides you the freedom to enjoy your camping completely. You can use a Queen sized air mattress in each room for comfortable sleeping.

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Screen Room Ozark Tent

It has a large size screen room with multiple windows. You can enjoy the view while sitting in the room. If you need more space then you can cover the front screen section and use it as a third sleeping room. The size of the screen room is enough that up to 4 people can easily sleep in this room.

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Storage Spaces in Spring Lodge

It has enough space to store your gear and accessories easily. There are many mesh pockets in different areas and you can store your gears in these pockets easily. Furthermore, each room of the camping tent also has a mesh shelf to store any kind of thing. It is removable and perfect for storing clothes etc.

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When to Use Ozark trail 14-person spring lodge cabin camping tent?

This tent is a 3-season tent. You can use it freely, but people mostly use this tent only in the warm season, because there are many ventilation windows in this tent, which makes it a perfect tent for the warmer season.

Dimension and Weight of Ozark Trail spring lodge

The dimension of this tent is 13 x 16.5 x 35.5 inches, which is a reasonable amount of space. The weight of the Ozark trail 14-person spring lodge cabin is 44.95 Pounds, which is quite heavier. The movement of this tent from one place to another is slightly difficult. The reason for such weight is its steel frame and poles used in the design to make it perfect for any kind of camping.

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Q: What is the center height of the Ozark trail spring lodge cabin camping tent?

A: The center height is 7 feet, which makes it a tall tent. It is also the tallest camping tent in the market with a high-quality design and material.

Q: How to set up Ozark trail 14 person spring lodge cabin camping tent?

A: The setup process of the tent is quite easy and simple. It only takes 20 to 25 minutes for the first time with 2 people. The setup time for the second time reduces. The step for setup is easy and simple.

Q: What is the lifespan of the Ozark trail 14-person cabin tent?

A: The quality of this 14-person tent is much higher than the other tents in the market. You can use this tent for 3 seasons easily without any problem and wear and tear.

Q: Are Ozark Trail waterproof?

A: Yes, It is waterproof. But it is only waterproof for a normal amount of rain.


We cover each and every feature of this Ozark trail 14 person spring lodge cabin camping tent. The quality and features make it the no 1 choice of the group camping tent. It has all the features you need for your camping trip. The price of the tent is also on the lower side. You can check the latest price on Amazon here. Also, Satisfied customers’ reviews ensure that it is the best camping tent for 14 people.