Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin – Best 14 Person Tent

Ozark trail base camp cabin 14 person tent is the best tent for group camping and hiking. The build quality, design, and features are much superior to the other 14-person tents on the market. The cabin tent is a best seller product in the outdoor category. To verify my point you can check the positive and happy clients’ reviews which tell the story about this amazing camping tent.

We tried this family tent on our previous camping trip and tested all the features in detail. The result of our test is beyond our expectations. We will share all the details in this article. So, if you are planning for group camping or family camping, this article will help you to choose the perfect tent for 14 people.

Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Review

Following is the list of key features in this Ozark trail base camp cabin 14 person tent.

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14 Person

3 Season

78′ Height

5 Rooms

Price on Amazon

So, Without wasting more time let’s start the detailed review on the Ozark trail base camp 14-person cabin tent.

Tent Height

Ozark trail base camp cabin 14 person tent

The maximum height is 78 inches, which means it is a tall camping tent. People also remember this tent as one of the best tall tents you can stand up in. The height ensures perfect ventilation in every part of the camping tent.

The plus point is its multi-room and tall design features. These are the two features people are looking for in a group camping tent. It is also an Amazon choice outdoor camping tent. The demand is increasing day by day.

Tent Floor

The floor size of this 14-person camping tent is 20′ x 20′ inches, which is perfect for 14 people sleeping. The floor size is perfect for up to 14 people with normal amounts of accessories and gear. If the camping duration is long, it is recommended to use this tent as a 10-person tent, because then you need more space for your gear and other accessories.

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Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Camping Tent Setup

The design of the base camp cabin tent is perfect for quick setup. It only requires 2 people to set up, it only takes 20 minutes to make the camp ready. It is simple enough that even a kid can do this easily. I am a camping expert. When we try this 14-person tent, we only take 15 minutes to fully set up the tent.

Multi-Room Tent

With the help of 3 dividers, you can create 4 different rooms in this family and group tent. It is an amazing feature when you need some kind of privacy during your camping trip. You can enjoy your camping without compromising your privacy. The Multiple room camping tent features also helps you to specialize different room such as bedroom, dining room, etc

Tent Lifespan

Camping tents are mainly designed for 3 seasons. You can use the tent for 3 seasons without any worry about leakages during rain as the Taped fly seams provide 3-season leakage safety.

Tent Price

The price of Ozark tail base camp is reasonable. When you compare the features and quality of the tent with other camping tents in the market with the same price range, it is much better than the others. For a tall camping tent, this price is reasonable.

Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin tent set up

Tent Doors

There are 4 doors in this multi-room camping tent. This feature ensures that all group members can enter and exit their rooms freely and without disturbing other campers. This feature is the most in-demand feature in camping tents.


Q: How tall is the Ozark trail 14 person tent?

A: It is 78 inches tall from the center. It is a tall and multi-room camping tent for up to 14 people.

Q: What are the room sizes in the Ozark trail base camp tent?

A: The size of the room is good enough that you can place queen-size air mattresses easily in it. The size of the rooms is much better than other camping tents on the market.

Q: How much does a 14-man tent cost?

A: The cost of a 14 person tent is under $400. To check the latest price of Ozark trail base camp 14 person tent check the price on Amazon.

Q: How to set up the Ozark Trail cabin tent?

A: The setup process is very easy. It only requires 20 minutes and 2 people. The process is so simple even a newbie can do this easily.

Q: Is Ozark a good brand for tents?

Yes, it is a good brand for camping tents. It is one of the most famous brands of camping tents in the USA. It is famous for providing high-quality camping tents and gear at reasonable prices.


We try to cover each and every detail about the Ozark trail base camp cabin 14 person tent. It is a budget-friendly tent. It has all the features you need in a good camping tent such as multi-room, different doors, tall, ventilation, and easy to set up. If you are going camping with your friends or family this tent should be your first choice.